Je ne veux pas travailler

As part of an opera theatre course under Christopher Mirto at Oberlin Conservatory, I was asked to create a short project using found music and a combination of found and original text to tell the story of any person living in the middle of the pandemic. Drawing from my own experience, I chose to tell the story of a grocery store worker because that’s what I was for the first five months of the pandemic. A series of vignettes depicting a day-in-the-life, this short film will give you insight to everything you ever wanted to know about toilet paper and the pandemic!

Opera Film Shorts

Je ne veux pas travailler premiered as part of a YouTube Premier performance Opera Film Shorts. Below, you can watch the full program, including four original opera films and two short opera scenes. For your ease, the opera scenes are also linked separately below.

“Tune in to YouTube to watch the release of solo films of Anthony Anderson, Lily Lansdell, Alex Smith, and Caroline Wolfe. These films are the culmination of Chris Mirto’s Opera Workshop class at Oberlin Conservatory. We’ll also screen scenes from Jonathon Field’s Seminar in Opera.”

Opera Film Shorts event page